Businesses considering IoT should consider cybersecurity first

A popular trend in 2020 is the number of Businesses investing in Internet of Things technology. Around 44% of businesses surveyed said they have plans to invest in IoT resources and devices, more than double the 20% who reported plans on investing in Cybersecurity.

While the actual number of business who will follow through on their stated plans is unknown, it would seem that many are not including security as part of their plans. Its a pitfall, and a risky one. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, Cybersecurity should be the first concern, before any kind of fancy IoT strategy.

The number of devices that are relevant to small business is actually remarkably small. Most of the devices are gimicky toys and their developers clearly do not have strong security component to their offering.

A device with security flaws could have very serious implications for the business who deploys it. Many small business who don’t already have a strong security strategy in place could be exposing their networks to additional risk.

This is very, very different from the devices the Green Lab designs for its customers. Our devices are purpose-built and custom designed to meet the customers application exactly. Further, Green Lab puts Security on the very forefront of everything we do. We adhere to strict security standards in the devices we build because we know these devices will operate within the business and be will connected to the same networks as other systems that contain the businesses sensitive information.

Our devices precisely measure and monitor critical processes for customers, and provide unmatched value in terms of the data they collect. If you’d like to learn more about how Green Lab can help your business with IoT decisions and solutions, please contact us!