WordPress Take-Over Campaign features thousands of hacked websites and zero-day vulnerabilities

Active efforts to hack websites this month have been increasing, say multiple cybersecurity firms who specialize in the wordpress platform. Reports of attacks appeared to slow through the months of December and January, but with February rolling into March the security network is seeing a lot more of this activity.

Most of the attacks target 3rd party plugins developed for wordpress which contain the security flaws these actors are using to gain control over systems. Several zero-day vulnerabilities were discovered to exist in many popular plugins, wordpress admins have seen a slew of updates come to their plugins recently.

In other news…

Popular Certificate Authority (CA) LetsEncrypt is set to revoke a number of certificates they’ve issued recently due an error in the way the certificate is generated. Online tools are available if you need to check your certificate… But…

Green Lab’s Customers don’t have to worry about any of that. All of our websites were checked and passed today and we will continue to monitor the situation.

Green Lab continues to be on the forefront of security news for its customers. These kinds of events remind us that a zero-day vulnerability can affect even well maintained projects. What we do for YOU is be alert, and react quickly.

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